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    How Salt Escape can help your Dermatitis

    Dermatitis, or “skin-it is”, is a blanket term meaning “inflammation of the skin” and there are literally hundreds of different forms ranging from eczema to acne to contact dermatitis. Approximately 30 million Americans are said to suffer from some form of dermatitis.

    Medication usually brings only temporary relief from dermatitis, but it can have harmful side effects. Salt therapy is a drug free treatment for many forms of dermatitis offering you immediate relief that will also keep you free from skin irritation for an extended period of time. Salt Escape has been designed to help dermatitis sufferers relieve their symptoms and feel better in a safe, peaceful environment that feels more like a spa and less like a high-tech treatment facility.

    Your treatment in our halochamber has many positive effects:

    –       Kill bacteria and fungi –       Act as an anti-inflammatory agent –       Increase blood microcirculation in your skin –       Activating physiological processes in your body –       Stress Reduction –       Strengthen bodily defense system –       Your skin will look good and feel better

    As your treatments progress, you notice other benefits:

    –       Decreased itching –       Minor cracks in your skin vanish –       No longer relying on prescription drugs for your dermatitis

    Salt therapy sessions at Salt Escape will help you overcome your dependence on prescription drugs.

    A complete treatment regimen of 7-15 sessions will provide benefits for as long as 6-12 months.
    If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, contact Salt Escape, Dallas-Fort Worth’s only salt therapy wellness center.
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